SYT shared the International Yoga Day with the 11 JAT INFANTRY BATTALION Group

11 JAT Infantry Battalion Group celebrated the 5th International Day of Yoga at South Lebanon with fervour and gaiety. A total of 320 persons including peace keepers from 13 nations, soldiers of Lebanese Armed Forces and the local population participated in the organised Yoga Session. The outreach of Yoga was evident by enthusiastic participation of locals and foreign army soldiers.

Le Temps, le Rythme et l'Eternite

Seminar in Merry land, Bickfaya, 5 to 7 October, 2018.
What about our perception of time when we practice?
By modifying our interior space through the postures and the Breath, our awareness is transformed, gradually bringing us to a feeling of suspension of time, as a precious moment where the present stretches towards eternity >more

The Screening of the Japanese movie "ZEN" directed by Banmei Takahashi (2009).

Saturday 28th of April 2018 - From 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM - LAU Beirut Campus

It tells the story of Dōgen Zenji, a Japanese Zen Buddhist teacher. After traveling to China in the 13th century in search of true Buddhism, Dōgen brought the art of Zen mediation to Japan where he founded the Sōtō school of Zen.

The screening will be followed by a discussion led by Assistant Professor of Philosophy Dr. Rami El Ali, highlighting the philosophical dimensions embedded in the movie, notably those who apply to Yoga, Yamas and Nyamas, as well as the values that the movie preaches such as wisdom, self-control, and detachment.

L'Architecture et la Symbolique des Postures

Seminar in Bkenaya, Couvent Note Dame du Puits, 22 to 24 September 2017.
A Course of yoga is a true architectural construction, putting in resonance postures often carrying direction by their archetypal form that evoke powerful symbolism. The postures, the natural body forms blend the physical and spiritual. The intention of yoga is to open other fields of your conscience.

Beirut Yoga Festival

18 September 2017, The SYT participated in Khod Nafas in the heart of Beirut at the 4th edition of the BYF! Celebrate health and wellbeing and join a remarkable group of international and local yoga and meditation teachers, speakers, and healers for a mindful and uplifting experience at the Beirut Hippodrome.

Third International Day of Yoga

On June 18 2017, The Syndicate of the Yoga Teachers in Lebanon (SYTL) participated in the celebration of the third international day of yoga, organized by the embassy of India in Beirut. The celebration was held at Zaitunay Bay in Beirut. During the event, the president of the SYTL, Mrs. Carla Moukarzel, gave a speech highlighting the importance of yoga today, as a discipline that helps us grow from the inner self, and as a wisdom that consists of daily living our relationship with the world within an act of benevolence, intelligence and well-being.

Yoga as a Lifestyle

The syndicate had the pleasure to share the lecture that was given by Swami OMGYANAM & Swami MUDRAROOPA.
They developed the theme of the yoga as a life style. Highlighting the six following points; awareness, discipline, regularity, simplicity, moderation and balance.

Swami Mudraroopa Saraswati MD is from Belgrade-Serbia, where he completed medical school and specialized in Rehabilitation Medicine, and acupuncture as well.
Swami Omgyanam Saraswati was born in ex-Yugoslavia. Her passion for yoga led her to Bihar school of yoga-India. She specializes in yoga philosophy & mind management. She regularly writes for magazines on subjects of yoga, yoga philosophy and the art of meditation.

"Yoga Sagesse pour aujourd'hui"

"In ancient India, Yoga was one of the ways of transformation that allowed human beings to get rid of their conditioning and gain access to a more lucid, more peaceful, wider consciousness. Today, he continues to fulfill this vocation, in a world in crisis that needs wisdom more than ever".

Doctorate in Comparative History of Religions and Religious Anthropology (University of Paris-Sorbonne) and Bachelor of Arts in Indian Studies, Dr. Ysé Tardan Masquelier has specialized in two fields: the history of French secularism and the history of Hinduism. She teaches at the Catholic Institute of Paris where she is responsible for the University Diploma in Cultures and Spiritualities of Asia. She is also director of projects at the Ecole Française de Yoga.

India Day Celebration

HE Sanjiv Arora Ambassador of India along with Father P. Germanos, Rector of Antonine University (UA) in Baabda, Beirut inaugurated the India Day organized by UA with the support and cooperation of Embassy of India, Beirut in the sprawling grounds of UA on 15 May 2017.

The day long India Day celebrations included a spectacular spectrum of displays, presentations and activities including several stalls showcasing both India's cultural diversity as well as progress; a large tableau on many famous Indian personalities; a huge screen enabling participants / visitors to write in Hindi; a large Yoga pavilion set up by the Syndicate of Yoga Teachers; an array of organic and environmentally friendly products; display of solar and other green technologies; and cultural performances.

"La guerison psychologique et l'enseignement traditionnel du Yoga"

Jacques VIGNE was very fond of mathematics early on, then, chose to study medicine and psychiatry in Paris, he received a scholarship to study as a psychiatrist from the 'Roman Rolland Foundation'. He then received a grant from ?La Maison des Sciences de l'homme' to study the connection between psychological recovery and traditional teaching of Yoga.
He has been living in India for 28 years. He has written numerous books about science and spirituality, which are a link between Eastern and Western worlds. Jacques VIGNE is the author of major literary works. His writings are careful to establish bridges between modern psychology and spirituality, as well as between the wisdom of India and that of Christianity.
Practically, Jacques Vigne gives clear explanations on the mechanisms involved in the link between stress and emotions, and tries to give exercises in this sense. He also develops the less-known link between body scanning and Raja-yoga: this branch of Yoga is based on a series of concentrations aiming at unblocking deep knots in the subtle body and the opening of the nadîs, the 'channels of energy'

Celebration of the 68th Republic Day of India

On January 26, 2017, the Embassy of India held a reception on the occasion of India's 68th Republic Day at Phoenicia Hotel. Picture of His Excellency the Ambassador of India Mr Sanjiv Arora, Mrs Carla Feghali Moukarzel President of the Syndicate, and Mrs Ariane Ghantous Maalouf Secretary General of the Syndicate.

"Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.....and Spring"

The screening of "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring" from Kim Ki-Duk on 27.01.2017, followed by a discussion led by Pr. Jad Hatem.

A minimalistic film that embodies the essence of yoga and the evolution of mind and soul in conjunction with nature, a step by step experience where the human being attains a state of purification and then detachment.

Meeting with the indian embassy

The executive committee of the SYTL, was pleased to have the opportunity to visit the ambassador of India "Mrs. Anita Nayar", on Friday 15 of July, 2016, to implement the path for a future collaboration, aiming establishing long term systemic structures between the Embassy of India and the Syndicate of the Yoga Teachers in Lebanon, SYTL, on the academic and other support levels.

The meeting was constructive in drawing the potential basic lines of our collaboration; notably, that the goals and objectives of the Syndicate include the high level of yoga formation required in India.

Yoga and Contentment

A yoga seminar was held from the 16th till the 18th of September at the Our Lady of the Well convent on the initiative of the Syndicate of Yoga Teachers in Lebanon and Ms. Jacqueline Yazbeck.

Ms. Isabelle Morin-Larbey, President of the National Federation of Yoga Teachers in France (FNEY), and Ms. Gisèle Siguier-Sauné, philosopher and lecturer at the Catholic University of Paris were the guests of honor at the seminar. The presence of His Eminence Bishop Paul Rouhana, and Father Jean Akiki, professor of philosophy at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, during Friday’s conference given by Ms. Siguier-Sauné, is also to be noted.

What is contentment?
It is simply the state of being satisfied, complete and in harmony with oneself, the state of happiness. In order to be contented with what we have, it is necessary to work on the mitigation of the envy or the need of having more since we got into the habit of defining what we Are and how happy we Are based on what we Have!
It is noteworthy that the Upanishad, the Indian texts written somewhere between the 7th and the 4th century BC, and the Yoga Sûtra, the basic texts of yoga philosophy dating back to the 1st and 2nd centuries AD, gave a particular attention to “contentment”, Samtosha in Sanskrit.

What is yoga for?
Yoga helps us find the way to our inner self in order to develop our capacity to be contented. It places us on the path of finding inner peace. By practicing yoga, we seek to discern the inner causes of suffering or malaise that can be linked to the memory of a past holding us back. For the author of the Yoga Sûtra, “pain, anxiety, agitation and chaotic respiration” are all symptoms of this malaise. The best remedy would therefore consist of facing and shaping the latter thanks to the repetitive practice of yoga. The purpose is to “tame the agitation of the mind” in order not to stop thinking, but to develop our capacity to discern and listen to our inner self by letting go. At this point, yoga becomes the path that unlocks new potentials to feel free and contented. It is an invitation to become artisans of peace wherever we are.

Yoga and Dementia

A lecture was given by Mrs. Carla Feghali Moukarzel, president of the SYTL (Syndicate of the Yoga Teachers in Lebanon), at ST. Charles Hospital, about the benefits of Yoga for the Dementia and Alzheimer disorders.

The ancient art of yoga has become more and more popular in recent years as a way to harmonize the mind and the body; a way to enhance our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

What if the mind is unwell? Can yoga help restore harmony and balance to a mind ravaged by Alzheimer's Disease and related dementias?

There has been little exploration of the benefits of yoga for these types of disorders. There is growing evidence, however, that the therapeutic application of yoga has a number of benefits in other areas, which can be applied to enhance the quality of life of those suffering with Dementia.

Mrs. Pascale Abtour, Vice President of SYT

Beirut Yoga Festival 2016

The Beirut Yoga Festival, organized by Nafas Association, has established itself as the most anticipated and important platform for Yoga lovers and practitioners in Lebanon, gathering more than 1000 participants every year. The third edition, took place at Pleine Nature, Mar Roukoz, on Sunday, September 18. The theme being "Khod Nafas", the Lebanese expression for "Take a Breath", the festival offered participants a much-needed respite from the chaos, pollution and stress that Lebanese face on a daily basis, inviting complete beginners and enthusiasts of all ages to join the activities.

Mrs. Pascale Abtour Makhlouf, vice president of the SYT, attended this festival representing the Syndicates of Yoga Teachers in Lebanon.

Alam Al Sabah, Interview with Carla Moukarzel, President of the SYT.

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